This song of truth shall be my guide.

Just another side of Keanu Reeves.

Rpth mbak Putu – View on Path.
2nd and final round at Sumber Bistik Pak Darmo – View on Path.
Ronde ji at Timlo Kuali Ayam Kampung Jempol – View on Path.
31. July 2014

Numpang pipis… – at Solo Paragon Mall – See on Path.

De Dina: mas, fotoin, biar kaya Miranda Kerr
Randi: ya. (karepmu wis) 😏 with Eric and DINA – View on Path.
Spent almost 12 hours with her and her family. Is it enough? Not even close.

Nighty night. – View on Path.
Curcol campur temu kangen campur lain-lain. with Deta, Okky, Maia, and Batita at Largo Bistrot & Bier Garten – View on Path.
Selamat merayakan hari raya~!
😊 – View on Path.
Plinses bermuda with Kakek Guru – View on Path.
Mata-mata lelah.
Lelah terpisah oleh jarak selama ±90 hari. – View on Path.