This song of truth shall be my guide.

Rifqy Sabatini.

When your smile can brightens up someone’s world, you know you are special.

Semoga semakin cantik luar dalam, makin sabar, makin tambah jago masak, makin cemerlang lagi dalam hidup & karir. Juga semoga semakin diberkahi dunia & akhirat.

Heaven’s blessings upon you, my love. 

Randi Adipratama with Batita – View on Path.
31. August 2014

We are not the best in England
We are not the best in Europe or the world.

But we are just one of the best team in England
We are just one of the best in Europe and the world.

"Poetry in motion, lalalalala
We’re the best football team in the land, YES WE ARE!”


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I am happy when I am with her.
She makes me smile.
So wide… till I look like a brother of andy lau.

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30. August 2014

Double date lederan bhosh – at Fish & Co.™ with Okky, Maia, and Batita – See on Path.

29. August 2014

Melipat jarak meski sejenak. at Stasiun Cirebon Kejaksan – Preview it on Path.

George ‘Rush’ St Pierre (former 3x UFC welterweight champion & #1 welterweight fighter) Rushfit training dvd in the morning & this boxing routine in the afternoon.

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28. August 2014

Most excited to see… Tha-madafrikin-nos.

Good movie, entertaining in all aspects. – View on Path.

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24. August 2014

GSP kalah sama Hendricks, sama-sama favorit sih. Cuma mungkin udah saatnya GSP turun takhta, di beberapa match terakhir udah ga exciting lagi.

Besok harus download nih hehe. – Read on Path.


Tapi ga sekarang. Latepost. Biar dikira lagi ketemuan, pengennya sih ketemuan. – View on Path.