This song of truth shall be my guide.

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Love message of encouragement.
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18. September 2014

Some people complain how they got drained during the day but ended up not being able to sleep at night.
Truth be told, no, you’re not tired. That’s just your mind being weak when your body can take for some more. That’s why you can’t sleep at night.
So go get your hands & chest on the deck and push. Do 30, throw in some squats & crunches. Regular excercise is key to have a good night sleep. When you’re working out, your body releases the same kind of hormone as when you are happy. So not only you’ll be able to sleep better but also feel better & stress free.
Happy friday, my friends.
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17. September 2014

Nungguin training, belom ada siapa-siapa. – at PT. Radiant Utama Interinsco, Tbk – See on Path.

Selfie dulu bro.

Cara bikin bahu kaya gini nih:
1. Neutral grip shoulder press+upright row, 10-12reps, 3 sets, no rest between sets.

2. Side lateral raise+shoulder shrugs, 10-12reps, 3 sets, no rest between sets.

3. Front lateral raise+rear flye, 10-12reps, 3 sets, no rest between sets.

Istirahat 2 menit setelah ngelakuin masing-masing nomer.

Cuma modal sepasang dumbbell kok. Ga perlu ke gym mahal tapi ga ada hasil. Good luck! – View on Path.
13. September 2014

Working out is the easy part.
Eating right is the real deal.

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Eat pancake like Sinatra.
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Beberapa hari yang lalu nemu ini di timehop, kok bisa lucu banget gitu & sekarang bisa biasa banget gini ya? Hehe.

Happy weekend lads & lasses. Let your inner childhood be free & explore this world with curiosity.
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12. September 2014

"And I’m definitely not like you. That empathy you claim is a lie because all you are is society’s morality police whose duty is to erase my obscenity from the surface of the earth so that the Bourgeoisie won’t feel sick. I’m not like you."

I am more fond of the first one rather than this one, volume 2 is a bit forceful on telling the oddity of Joe and a bit too much on Seligman’s correspondence to literature. Still a great movie though.

I think this movie is pretty spiritual, I mean, it’s all about lust, the very nature of human afterall. And if you think that it is forbidden, try this for a quote from the movie “The human qualities can be expressed in one word: hypocrisy”. – View on Path.

Cowo-cowo yang abis sholat Jum’at tapi ga jadi ganteng & tetep susah lepas dari jeratan jomblo, mungkin bisa daftar ke taman surga.
Ingat, jum’at banyak berkah.

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